“Are you crazy? Does anyone do that?”

“Tujhe pagal kuttey ne kata hai kya?” (Has a mad dog bitten you?)

“Show me anyone around you who wants to do such foolish things... How will you support yourself and your family?”

“Aisa filmoan mein hota hai real life main nahi” (This happens in movies, not in real life!)

“Tu dusroan kee tarah normal life kyoan nahi jee sakta?” (Why can't you live a normal life like others?)

Do you face these questions or remarks from your parents or teachers? If yes then you have come to the right place. A place to meet friends, fellow travelers and supporters, share your stories and be surprised to hear that all stories are almost identical.

In short, The Connector is a safe canvas and a virtual as well as a physical space for people to be just themselves and connect with others who want to do the same.

The purpose of The Connector is to enable people to connect with each other so that they can manifest their deepest dreams by connecting with others like them who are following a world of infinite possibilities and opportunities in diverse and bizarre possible ways.

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