What is Connector?

The Connector is a space which will enable people to form learning and sharing communities to actualize their individual as well as collective dreams. The Connector, as the name suggests, is a specific connection of the people. It connects the uniqueness of different people to learn, expand, create & actualize.

Thus, the purpose of The Connector is to enable people to manifest their dreams by connecting them to a world of infinite possibilities. Possibilities that are generated through sharper sensing of reality and enhanced awareness of self, resulting in an interdependent, enriching and joyful work.

Resonating individual as well as collective uniqueness is about being successful. It just takes fraction of a second for such resonance but even to start this process, normally, takes a long time. Such resonance is the outcome of The Chaord. Chaord is the phase between chaos and order. It is a phase, where maximum creation and evolution happens. It is natural that, over a period of time, mostly every organization starts lacking and hence becomes a victim of its own structure. Hence, The Connector, instead of being any traditional form of organization, is a Chaordic Organization.

Such resonance also happens by becoming aware of self and reality. For this, each and every activity in The Connector is rooted into four landscapes. These are: Discovering Self, Connecting to Others, Becoming Systems Thinker and Acting Sustainably. On the grounds of these four disciplines, any interaction (intervention) in The Connector is carried out. The interaction is primarily in three ways: Classroom intervention, Group intervention and Network intervention.

The Connector is a space, where anyone who resonates with the purpose of the Connector can become its member. It is neither an NGO nor a privately held or publicly held company. It has neither owners nor shareholders. Each member plays the role of an owner, a customer or a supplier at various points of time and none of those roles at other points of time. Hence, people in this space will feel safe to be in and free to express because s/he knows that the others in this space have also come for exactly the same reasons as her/him.

The Connector’s role, as an organizational entity, is to carry out interventions in this space, coach the members and their self organizing behavior and to provide a platform and space, both physcial and virtual, for members to connect with each others.

To learn even more, contact: Zareer Aga / Rajinder Raina